Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nancy's Butterscotch Brownies

Even though i'm not a part of TWD anymore I still like visiting blogs of other TWD members. Nancy's blog is one of my favourites. When i saw this recipe posted on Nancy's blog i ran straight down to the kitchen to see if i had all the ingredients. Of course i did, these brownies only require basic ingredients that most people would have in their kitchens. Yay, a great tasting dessert with few ingredients and not much fuss!

Please check out the recipe here and have a look at the rest of Nancy's fantastic blog.

Banana Oatmeal Cookies

What a great way to wake up, eating these delicious cookies. Most of them were eaten by my 3 year old son.

This recipe is from Williams Sonoma and you can find it here.

I didn't have any coconut so i doubled up on the oats. I substituted half the amount of all-purpose flour for wholewheat flour.

Lemon Bread with Pecans

I have not been active on my blog and I apologise. I have had to back out out the two groups that i love participating in, Tuesdays With Dorie and Craving Ellie in my Belly. We are still living in Malaysia and loving it. I grew up here in KL (Kuala Lumpur) and it has been fantastic being able to reconnect with family and friends. My husband is enjoying his sabbatical and is just starting to look at rejoining the rat race. Most of our belonging are still packed away in storage, including my beloved cookbooks and baking equipment, boohoo!!! Don't feel too sorry for me though as I have been able to do some baking, just not as much as i'd like to. I've been pretty lazy at posting but i'll try and post my backlog over the next week.

First up..... this gorgeous Lemon Bread. This recipe is courtesy of Williams Sonoma and you can find the recipe here.