Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TWD Arborio Rice Pudding - Vanilla

This is my first Tuesday with Dorie and i'm glad i'm starting off with this recipe.  

It has been years since i last made rice pudding.  Its an interesting recipe as i've never made rice pudding using this method (i guess i've been doing it wrong all along!).  I've always baked my rice pudding and have always thought of it as an 'ok' dessert.  I couldn't understand why some friends would rave about rice pudding.  Now i know!

I had no problems at any stage of the recipe.  I was out of vanilla extract so i used vanilla bean paste instead.  The pudding looks great with all the little vanilla seeds.  Before it started to thicken, the look of it reminded me of vanilla ice-cream.

It never really did thicken to the consistency i would have liked, but the taste was spectacular.  Best rice pudding i have tasted.  I think my two sons are really going to like this.


chocolatechic said...

Welcome to our group.

Mine thickened up, but I just can't handle the texture of rice pudding.

Rebecca of "Ezra Pound Cake" said...

Welcome to TWD! You're so lucky your first recipe had only four ingredients and no pans to buy. You won the Dorie lottery!

Engineer Baker said...

Mmm... vanilla bean paste... Oh, yeah, and welcome to TWD :)

Megan said...

Glad you had success with your first TWD. Mine flopped, but I do love rice pudding and will try again.

HoneyB said...

Welcome to TWD!